100+ Best Heartless Selfish Quotes to Help You Move On

Heartless Selfish Quotes to Help You Move On

Selfishness is a human behaviour which someone has and some people have not. People choose to be Selfish Quotes when they want to. It sometimes can be good if it’s for their betterment but it can be bad if it’s at the expense of others. Selfish nature can destroy the humanity as it hurts people around and bring arrogance. People become self centred and don’t care how it will affect others.

Best of Selfish Quotes About Selfish People Hurting Others

We have brought you a list of Selfish Quotes to people that will give you a new perspective of people around and help you to discover society.

1. Selfish people already decide what they want. They don’t waste energy to do something for others.- Selfish Quotes by Ouida

2. Your must fear the fake friends that is hugging you instead of the enemy who’s attacking from ahead.-Unknown

3. It’s better to not plant a seed of selfishness than removing them when they are grown into giant weeds.-Prem Prakash

4. Many people around you want to see you fail. Why to make them happy.- Carlos Wallace

5. A hurt person who have gone through trauma has taken trust as responsibility and its toxic.-Hannah Gadsby

6. Selfish people go into selfishness like a swamp that sucks into. They give nothing back.-John Thornton

7. Toxic people mostly defy logic and they impact negativity around. They derive satisfaction by creating chaos and trouble to people around.- Travis Bradberry

8. Selfish people feel superior always but Life denies to selfish people.-Eraldo Banovac

9. Sometimes letting yourself out is the best way to save yourself from a toxic family relationship. It’s good to make a healthy family.-John ash

10. Some selfish people thinks that selfishness is a strength but actually it takes no intelligence or effort to sacrifice others feeling for your ego.-Unknown

11. If you don’t like me then it’s a mind and matter for me. I don’t mind and you wont matter any more.- Dr Seuss

12. Selfish people are not able to love others and they are incapable of loving themselves too.- Ericc Fromm

 13. If you want to be happy then you shouldn’t have concern for others.-Albert camus

 14. Selfish people and sympathizing are same as they both are given to tears.-Leigh Hun

15. Selfishness is a weakness but loving other is beyond the power one can ever have.-Joel Osteen

16. Being nobody to anybody is the most dangerous disease.-Mother Teressa

17. Marriage need a person’s whole heart and selfish people can never do that.-Helen Hunt

18. Be kind everywhere and every time though people think it is for a motive.-Mother Teressa

19. It’s a waste to give attention to the selfish person who only think of themselves.- Wikipowermag

20. The era of selfishness and actual greediness is over and on the other hand generosity and kindness is on the way.-Laurence Over mire

21. Earth gives everything what a person needs but it can’t fulfill the greed of humans. -Mahatma Gandhi

22. The selfish person usually suffers due to their own actions. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

23. Stupidity is more stronger force than the selfishness.- Ellen Glasgow

24. Selfishness and complaints destroys the mind of person and on the other hand love brings joy and clears the vision.-Hellen Keller

25. Wisdom becomes selfishness when it comes into proud and gave grave to laugh.-Khalil Gibran

Selfish People Quotes Hurting Others

Selfish Quotes people usually hurt others for their own motive and they become self centred. Let’s look at some selfish people quotes which hurts others-

  1. Selfishness is something when you call someone only when you need something.-Unknown
  2. Sometime talking much about one is concealing oneself.-Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. Every evil thing in the world is a root of evil. -John F Kennedy
  4. Selfish is the lonely heart as they are deprived from generosity and compassion. -John C Maxwell
  5. Selfishness may bring happiness for a time but it
  6. always leads to the loneliness.-Unknown
  7. How much you possess doesn’t show the greatness but how much you give does. Selfishness will make you alone and small but generosity will open the world.-Robin Sharma
  8. The more the person focuses on oneself the more he neglects others. Ultimately starts to make the prison of isolation for himself. -Unknown
  9. Selfish heart locks himself from the compassion of the world and losses to feel the beauty of true connection.-Unknown
  10. Selfish person and a stagnant pool are alike, not giving flow to life  which can comes from sharing to others.-Unknown
  11. The world is not fair as the liars and selfish people are placed high.-Bryant H. Mc Gill
  12. Selfishness is a disease and a poverty of heart and nothing can cure it ever.-Unknown
  13. The only enemy of the person is a selfishness in life.-Napoleon Hill
  14. I hate the fact of selfish people are actually destroying the country because they only think of themselves.-Mahathir Mohammad
  15. Some selfish people are original and they use their idea to raise themselves which is an insincere move.-Daniel Smith
  16. When a person thinks that they are entitled to something that is when they walk over others to get it anyhow.-Criss Jami
  17. Selfishness destroys and uglifies the human soul. It is an extinction for the human race. -David Mitchell
  18. There is a difference between people who think for themselves and the people who only think of themselves.-Unknown
  19. If someone’s doing something so often then it’s not a mistake, it’s their behaviour. -Steve Maraboli
  20. Watch people colours when you ask someone to return the favour.-Unknown
  21. Two types of people are found. One who does to get something and other one who does to give something.-Sarah Noffke
  22. Many people say they care but do watch it in actions not the words.-Unknown
  23. No one can get a companionship from a fool and it’s better to walk alone than to live with selfish, vain and Quarrelsome.-Buddha
  24. You can lie down for people to walk upon you but they will then also complain that you are not flat enough.-Mature Gambino
  25. A man who is rapped in his own is a small bundle.-Unknown
  26. Don’t let negative and selfish people live in your head. Just raise the rent and make them away.-Unknown
  27. A selfish person doesn’t even care when his best friend is drowning beside him. -Joe Cervantes
  28. Always watch out from selfish takers if are a generous giver.-Adam Grant
  29. A constantly angry person and an ignorant are same person.-Wayne Gerard Trotman
  30. Selfish people never realize how self absorbed they are.-Unknown
  31. With very strenuous effort, selfish person does any good to others.-Unknown
  32. Sometimes you need to let go of pettiness and selfishness to be happy.-Dee Waldeck
  33. People forget how many times you helped someone and always forget how many times you didn’t.- Unknown
  34. I don’t like people who are always crying about their situation and think that they are the only one suffering.-Unknown
  35. Selfishness is bad when it is in expense of others instead of that self care for the betterment is good.-Richie Norton
  36. Selfish people are self centred and they have only one topic to talk that is themselves.-Stef Harder

Selfish Quotes for Love & Relationships

People may not do anything to harm others but at last they will be selfish when choosing consequences. Just like that people change in times of need. Let’s look at some Selfish Quotes of selfishness in relationship below-

  1. Nobody can be happy and selfish at same time.-Joyce Meyer
  2. I am selfish, insecure and little impatient but if you are not with me my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best.- Marilyn Monroe
  3. Love can never be selfish. Its something else.-Morten Tyldum
  4. Sometime a person needs to make a selfish decision in life and do the best for you.-Saquon Barkley
  5. You need to be selfish sometimes to be a selfless person.-Edward Albert
  6. I have a kid and a wife who remind me to be thankful everyday. If I become selfish then what kind of role model will I be? I just want to be a good person because they are my gift.-Jake Owen
  7. We all are selfish humans and i don’t even trust myself than others with a good intention or motive.- Lord Byron
  8. Every experiment by the individual and multitude has a sensual and selfish aim will ultimately fail.- Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. As soon as you realise that people are toxic as they envy your nature, style, attitude, height. People will stop looking for validation of others.-Saksham Minocha
  10. In hard situations we people cheat each other and we do damage to others if we get the chance. We all are a selfish people.-Ehsan Sehgal
  11. If you are a selfish person then accept it. Don’t hide it and say that no one will see , because some people are able to see that too.-Sarvesh Jain
  12. Self centred people are so much selfish that they won’t focus on people around them and their needs.-Germany Kent
  13. A nation will get corrupt for sure, if their people are always in a selfish motive.-Dr. Ashok anand
  14. For a favour of selfish person tide seldom shifts.- Carlos Wallace
  15. People always find it easy to count others mistake but not of their own.-Ljupka Cvetanova
  16. Selfish people wont do anything for you but always want something for you.-Alcurtis Turner
  17. If realising your worth is ruthless and selfish then i am that.-Nicole Scherzinger
  18. Selfishness resembles more to self respect.- George Sand
  19. You are not a falter if selfishness is making you a better person.-Jerry Lewis
  20. No one ever forgives selfishness in other but accept in own.-Henry Ward Beecher

Selfish Quotes Person who Are Always Selfish With Others

Selfish people always think about themselves and other people don’t even bother them. Let’s look at some selfish person quotes below-

  1. Selfish people are those who uses other weakness to use it for their own pleasure.-Unknown
  2. Dear self centred and selfish people be real or else stay away from me.-Unknown
  3. I hate people who use others to their advantage. They are hypocrites and liar because they hurt people who care for them.-Unknown
  4. Selfish person will never help you or work for you until they are getting something out from it.-David Seabury
  5. Some selfish people always play a victim card. They make themselves lonely and cry when they feel it.- Steve Maraboli
  6. Thanks to all the selfish people in my life as they have taught me exactly who i don’t want to be.-Unknown
  7. Fake friends show the true face to you when you are of no use to them.-Unknown
  8. Its easy to see the reality of someone. They are good when they need something from you, the minute you don’t give them they will show who they are.-Donna Lynn Hope
  9. The selfish person are miserable and don’t care for you unless you are doing something for them in return.-Unknown
  10. Selfishness is something when he is in the centre. Everything starts and end for themselves.-John Owen
  11. Selfishness is an idea of virtue and always is the opposite of generosity. To me it feels unnatural.-Jessica Lange
  12. The people who only think of themselves and do not hate their own selfishness . They think of them the most important than the people as the truth lies elsewhere.-Blaise Pascal
  13. When selfish people get lost and even when they realise that they are wrong they don’t know how to react or ask for forgiveness.-Unknown
  14. The person who wants everything every time will always lose everything every time.-Vikrant Parsai
  15. The most unattractive virtue any mortal can posses is the selfish nature.-Suyasha Subedi
  16. If you are having trouble in spotting a selfish person then look after their schedule, needs, ideas and goals.- Shannon Thomas
  17. In the world full of selfish person we need a kind hearted person to create the changes around.-Nikki Rowe
  18. Its very easy to be selfish but true happiness comes when you give things to other.- Adrian Grenier
  19. Embrace simplicity and reduce your selfishness for few desires.-Lao Tzu
  20. We should forget the ignorance and selfishness and rise above.-Booker T. Washington


People are always Selfish Quotes when it comes to the consequences. Selfish People always think that they are the one suffering and don’t think of anyone else. Such people ruin the surrounding and it’s the main reason why the country gets destroyed. Selfish motives kill the humanity. So, In the world of selfishness we need to be different and show kindness to others. This will protect the human race for good.

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