100 Best Memories Quotes on Sweet Unforgettable Moments with Loved Ones

100 Best Memories Quotes on sweet Unforgettable Moments with Loved Ones

We all have moments in Life that we love to keep forever. But is it possible to remember everything every time? So, we have covered it with all our Memorable Quotes to help you remember the importance of memories.

The impacts that we have of the past are what dwells in making ours in the future. Hence, some memories need to be forgotten, and some are to be remembered. Remember, all these memory quotes will do nothing but show the importance of every moment of Life.

So, for you, we have always brought the best memories and quotes that will enlighten your day. Let’s go.

Memory Quotes About Life

Every person is different from the other, and we live separate lives in the same place, yet we all have something in common: memories. We have memories where we can shift to create something different however, we want. Here are some quotes related to memories of Life.

1. “Memories are like a diary that people carry with them throughout their lives.” – Oscar Wilde

2. “Memories are untouchable like the stars, you can just feel them and by looking and feeling with them, your day becomes shinier.” – R.shomalian

3. “You should not be sad about the things that you have not got, but be happy about the things you have got.” – Dr. Seuss

4. “Souvenirs are a part of life’s journey to remember forever.” – Rey Shipoth

5. “What we do becomes moments and we remember moments; it is more than just life lessons.” – Cesare Pavese

6. “We live in moments, and these moments are what something we all want and live and even if you want it. It cannot be telecasted again” – Willa Cather

7. “Visions and goals are life tools that help us make sense of human life and understand life.” – Ayelet Waldman

8. “life has uncountable moments to remember and forget, it is on you what you want to remember.” – Jack

9. “You have to have something memorable in life that takes your breath away, life is not countable by the breaths you take.” – Maya Angelou

10. ” We remember some moments and forget some. We remember what impacts our Life.”-– Sheridan mcblou

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Memories Quotes About Death

Death is inevitable; that is, everyone has to die one day; what we take forward with us is the memories we leave for people. Here are some quotes related to it.

11. “Friends are the one that hurt you by their silence, words of your enemies hardly have importance to anyone.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

12. “The past always becomes a moment and you remember it for a lifetime, so if it can be forgotten then it’s really unimportant.” – William Faulkner

13. “There are moments in life that all of us keep inside us buried secretly so that we can revive them again, when we are all alone and live those moments again.” – Becky Aligada 

14. “Death is the end of life but the memories live forever.” – Mitch Albom

15. “Our bodies can be dead, but the life we have lived and emotions and memories we have created still remain there till you forget them.” – George Eliot

16. “When you die, nothing has happened other than slipping in a room, where your body lies, the life you have lived is still there.” – Henry Scott Holland

17. “The person you are never dies with the body; it remains still there. It’s only the body that dies.” – Norman Cousins

18. “Death is nothing other than a next step to a journey for the well-organized mind..” – J.K. Rowling

19. “Memories live among the lives of people, even when the body is not there.” – Unknown

20. Our imaginary world is of memories, so it seems much better than reality. – Guy de Maupassant

Unforgettable Memories Quotes

Some memories are unforgettable; every person has a few memories of them that they can never forget. They can be good, and they can be bad, too. It reminds you of your good and bad decisions in Life; hence, we have brought a few quotes.

21. “Life is long, we often think about the memories that can’t be forgotten but in time we forget everything. This is Life.” – Joan Didion

22. “Some of the memories all remain in our memories.” – Joseph B Wirthlin

23. ” Memories are like jewels which can’t be erased and cannot be afforded by all.” – Ryan, willing

24. “Memories can occasionally be turned against you to prevent you from advancing in Life. Thus, only distribute it to yourself. – Happy Rosy

25. “Keep your memories secured to yourself.” – Bob Dylan

26. ” Materialism forgets how important memories of life are.” – Robert Pascal

27. You can move ahead in Life with beautiful memories of life. -Kevin Horsley

28. “The moments in which we live keep us alive as a memory.” – Hendricks Tyson

29. “People’s life ends similarly, there are just different memories of how people lived.” – Ernest Hemingway

30. “Life has lots of hardships but you should always remember the memories you made.” – Tayyab Ahmed

Happy Memory Quotes

We all love to be happy; whatever we do, our sole reason will be happiness. The memories that make us happy are the ones that we want to keep rewinding till the end, as these are the moments that lead you to the future and make your Life worth living.

31. “Best memories are memories that you don’t plan. It becomes best because you were busy having fun.” – Winnie the Pooh

32. “The memories you think are your best can be brutal for you later. – k.simbal

  1. 33. “Spending more time into the little memories is the real Happiness.” – Mary Schmich
  2. 34. “When the man is happy it is because of the good memories of life.” – Shelter Jeyson
  3. 35. ” You decide the memories to embrace or reject it.”- Jean Paul Richter
  4. 36. The recollections you share alongside other individuals, regardless of whether they turn out good or bad, are encounters you learn.” — Lee Radziwill.
  5. 37. “Recollections are somewhat among the most precious possessions in Life as a whole, preserving them inside of your soul. so that nobody can pry them out of you.” — Oliver Reeve.
  6. 38. “That’s the remembrances which make you weep rather than the individual themselves” – Anson Lucas.
  7. 39. “Before leaving any child, we can leave good memories to them that they can take away with them.” – Og Mandino
  8. 40.”individuals establish experiences from the past in order that their bodies are able to gaze through the future and think about positive instances.” – John Anson

Old Memories Quotes

  1. You cannot run away from your past experiences; learn from the experiences you face in Life and move forward to new beginnings and new journeys. Let’s go for some new quotes.
  2. 41. John Banville, The Sea, states that everyone has a memory that makes their heart hurt whenever they think back. – John Banville, The Sea
  3. 42. “All memories make the life decision what we are”. – K.K Mongia
  4. 43. “Humans have a bad habit of comparing things, like they compare memory with etching and art where there is not much relation.” – Samuel Johnson
  5. 44. “You cannot escape the haunting memories.”– R. Rutherford
  6. 45. “When you think about the past, just remember it is for you to take lessons from it, not to repeat it again.” – Unknown
  7. 46. “pictures are just an ideal solution for us to relive the moments we care” – Karl Lagerfeld
  8. 47. “We always feel happy to share memories with people.” – Daniel Benjamin
  9. 48. “You are never going to make the same mistakes, if you take lessons from the past.” – L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl
  10. 49. “When you are stressed about something in your life, memories give you a reflection of time, when you were stress free.” – jake sandals
  11. 50. “You should not forget your precious memories with people and stop yourself from making new ones. – jk.
  12. Reynoldoneses About Making Memories
  13. Go out, meet new people, and make memories with them, every time you find a new person. It will count in new experiences and new moments.
  14. 51. “It is the people around you, with whom the moments you cherish. It’s not about places, it’s more about people.” – Ama Ata Aidoo
  15. 52. “If you love making memories, with the right people around you it is more cherish able ” – John de Seguro
  16. 53. “You have a life full of people, so the only thing you can never get off is living with them and making memories with them, so until you die, you have countless memories.” – S. Petrica
  17. 54. “We forget to understand that all memories were once a moment, so every time you pass through a moment remember it is a memory you are taking forward.” – Jessica Barbara
  18. 55. “Same memories can never be re-experienced; you can recreate it but can never re-experience it.” – Phoebe Hoss

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21 Beautiful Quotes About Memories

Memories with the people you love and care about are the ones you cherish your entire life, like going out with friends, taking trips from college, having school picnics, and first meeting with your loved life. These quotes will help you rewind the same.

56. “When someone dies, you are only left with the memories and that memory is only that you have with them and can take for your entire life.” – William Margaret

57. “When life is about to end you like to remember good memories of life and the one that hurts”. – Denis Waitley

58.“People can be delusional with memories, to keep themselves happy.” – Harold Pinter

59.“writing and reading is very personal, it’s a memory that person takes with him” – Aldous Huxley

60.“Memories can be rewinded inside you as many times as you want but you can never relive the memories the next it gets over.” – Shaun David Hutchinson

61.“Daily routine is the creation of you and you are the creation of your past memories.” – Rick Warren

62.“When a man is called in a court as a witness, it is the moment that tells you how strong memory power a human has.” – Will Rogers

63.“A person who is strong mentally and has learnt from the previous memories will overcome the problems coming his way, because he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes again.” – John Parker

64.”Time is the strongest of all as it takes away the strongest and the worst of the experiences you have faced in life.” – Nicholas Sparks

65.“after death, only thing a person is remembered for is his actions and the memories he has created in people’s head.”– Michael Hyatt

66.“The memories you create can be the hardest to forget.” –  Brodi Ashton

67.”memories can be complicated as it brings out the weirdest past that you don’t want to remember.” – Barbara

68.“We always remember the recent memories, and the past memories rest in the head as drafts to remember when needed.” – Marcel Proust

69.“My memories are similar to an elephant’s memory, sometimes elephants come to me for consultations.” – Noël Coward.

70.“The experiences of an old man are from the memories he has of the past. “ – Jonathan Swift

71.”Memories are created by your actions not by your thoughts.” – Peter Armstrong

72.“A person is more successful when he is more of a forgetter than a person who remembers everything.” –  Elbert Hubbard

73.“Memory is nothing other than a piece of your life, that you want to remember and forget both at a time.” –  Austin O’Malley

74.“Some people can’t forget the bad moment even when it hurts.” – Haruki Murakami

75.“Memory is nothing else than a string that attaches your past and your present, it’s the string through which you build a better future.” –  Kevin Horsley

Life Memories Quotes to Keep You Smiling

76.“If you have no memories, you cannot move from the past memories.” – Desmond Tutu

77“Memory is just a place where your past is kept undisturbed and cannot be moved away or taken without your permission.” – Thomas Fuller

78“. Memory is not in a written or physical form, it can only be felt and understood.” – Oscar Wilde

79“Memories can tell what you will be in the future.” – Corrie Ten Boom

80“you should start telling the truth because it makes the wrong memories fade away from you” – Mark Twain

81“Memories are a part of you that moves around you and captures the moments that you have created with the people because it is the people who create memories not the place.” –  Ama Ata Aidoo

82“Nothing is sadder than to remember your regretful decisions, and how your life was joyful.” – Dante Alighieri

83.“Past memories which we have lived inside us, however you can control it and change accordingly.” -– Tennessee Williams

84“everytime a person meets you; it will connect you with them, making a string of memories to lead to the future.” – Dennis Waitley

85“we have numbers of memories and we remember the recent ones, others just fade away with time.”  – Thomas Fuller

86“Before making wrong choices, remember at the end you remember only good memories and regret for wrong decisions.” – Byron Pulsifer

87.“Some memories need to be forgotten to lead a happy life.”-S.J. Watson

88.“Anything you remember, it’s just leading you to a future, whether good or bad depends on you.” – Arthur Helps

89.“The memories you create with photos, helps you lighten up the future with the memories.” – Frank Deford

90.“When you desperately want something to happen and you miss it, you generally take the bad memories of it, which haunts you forever.” – Edward de Bono

91. “An artist has a smart memory, as he analyses small details and goes into the past to recreate it.” – Samuel Johnson

92. “Photos can be taken away, but memories inside your head can never be taken away. Photos are just a physical display of your past.” – Catherine Pulsifer

93.“Pictures are priceless but memories are worthless, you can take pictures from a person but not what is inside his memories.” – Anonymous

94. “Nobody can steal the memories even if you share them with anyone.” – Jean-Paul

95. “New relationship is nothing but a trend that we have carried to move into the future forgetting what happened in the past.” – Adam Green

96. “Memory is the strongest of all treasures God has gifted us with.” – Cicero

97. “Remember and learn from the experiences that you had in the past and move forward in future without any regrets.” – Paulo Coelho

98. “Reliving the past is nearly as impossible as it can be, so live all moments that are going to stay in your memories.” – Bob Dylan

99. “Happy memories are like perfume, whenever you remember leaves you with joy of freshness.” – Jean de Boufflers

100.”Take memories for the future perspective, it will lead you to a better future.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin


Ultimately, we all know that humans are social animals who need to go out, meet people, talk to them, experience new things daily, and many more things. In the process, we generally make new memories every time we meet new people, which rest inside our brains. When alone, you sit quietly, thinking about the past’s best and worst memories that make you sad and happy. You want to forget some memories and relive many, and all of these will happen just because of the picture your mind created in the name of memories.

Hence, memory is as essential for living as other things in Life; therefore, keep moving forward in Life and take these quotes for the best of you.

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