200 Best Life Quotes: Unique & Positive Quotes to Be Happy in Life

200 Best Life Quotes: Unique & Positive Quotes to Be Happy in Life

It is really difficult to stay motivated when you are facing hardships in your life. Positive life quotes are best to give you inspiration and keep you motivated through your struggling phase. Keeping these inspirational reminders in your mind will help you uplift your mood and help you regain your courage. 

In the following series of positive life quotes, we delve into a treasury of affirmations, information, and reflections that echo the widespread truths of the human experience. These quotes remove darkness from the path towards gratitude, resilience, and a deeper expertise of what it means to lead an advantageous and fulfilling lifestyles.

Here are positive life quotes that can change your life and can lead to positive paths.

Some quotes in life encourage us to be happy to live a positive life. Let’s look at some of the quotes below. This will surely motivate you to change your life.

  1. Whatever is shiny and glitter is not always gold, and not all who wander are lost. – Tolkien 
  2. Paint the spirit of the bird instead of the feather. -Robert Henri
  3. Life needs to be expressive along with affection. Otherwise, it’s nothing. – Marc Chagall
  4. Let the beauty of things we love, we must do. There are so many ways to kneel or kiss the floor. -Rumi
  5. The most stunning human beings we’ve got known are the ones who’ve acknowledged defeat, recognized struggling, acknowledged conflict, acknowledged loss, and feature determined their way out of the depths. These humans have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and a know-how of existence that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving problem. Beautiful humans do not just happen. – Elizabeth Kubler Ross
  6. Every painter uses the paintbrush in there and presents the essence of himself through his paintings. – Henry Ward Beecher
  7. The nice and most beautiful matters in the world can’t be seen or even touched, however must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller
  8. The loveliest thing we are going to like is how mysterious, It’s the source of all authentic technological and artistic creations. – Albert Einstein
  9. Beauty is the light of your inner being. – John O’Donohue
  10. We are able to accept that we are healthy in those instances when our souls are cognizant of our treasures. – Thornton Wilder
  11. The only journey is within. – Rainer Maria Rilke
  12. Fill your piece of paper with all the breathings from your heart. – William Wordsworth
  13. The job of the artist is usually to deepen the thriller. – Francis Viscount St. Albans
  14. To be an artist is to consider lifestyles. – Henry Moore
  15. Should we paint what’s on our faces, inside the face, or underneath it? – Picasso
  16. Believe individuals who are looking for the truth. Doubt folks find it.” – Andre Gide
  17. The fact will set you unfastened. But first, it will piss you off. – Gloria Steinem
  18. Whatever you’re, be a very good one.” – Abraham Lincoln
  19. Lead us now not into temptation. Just inform us where it is; we’ll find it. – Sam Levenson
  20. We need to discover ways to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we can’t be absolutely open to our capability to like others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a higher international rest within the fearlessness and open-hearted imaginative and prescient of folks who embrace existence. – John Lennon
  21. Promise me you’ll always take into account: you’re braver than you trust, and more potent than you seem, and smarter than you watched. – Christopher Robin
  22. You must be the exchange you want to look at internationally. – Gandhi
  23. Stay away from those who attempt to undermine what you want. Small people constantly try this, but the clearly exquisite ones make you feel that you too can end up fantastic. – Mark Twain
  24. Courage is required to stand up and converse, and also to sit down and pay attention. – Winston Churchill
  25. You should stay silent or say something beyond silence. – Pythagoras
  26. There are many unreasonable and self-centred people, forgive them anyway. -Unknown
  27. No matter how much you give to the world, it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. – Mother Teresa
  28. Hundreds of paths of the mountains can take you to the same destination, so you can take any path. The person running around the mountain is wasting his time, complaining to everyone that the path is wrong. – Hindu Proverb
  29.  What lies behind us and before us holds limited importance compared to what lies within us. – Emerson

Inspirational Life Thoughts

Inspiring quotes help us to move forward in life and to achieve our goals. It boosts up the capacity inside us and helps to run in the path where we want to. Let’s look at some quotes which is inspirational-

  1. Life is a protracted lesson in humility. – James M. Barrie
  2. The purpose of our lives is to be glad. – Dalai Lama
  3. The longest journey you could ever take is to stay the lifestyles of your desires. – Oprah Winfrey
  4. Life is ten percent what occurs to us and ninety percent of how we respond to it. – Charles R. Swindoll
  5. The easiest way to do astounding paintings is to like what you do. – Steve Jobs
  6. The useful life has always become a process instead of a state of being. It’s hardly an annual destination anymore. – Carl Rogers
  7. In 3 expressions I can sum up every detail I’ve learned about life: it continues to go on. – Robert Frost
  8. Every day is an experience, so in case you find yourself in admire with the excitement, you’ll be in affection for all a period of time – Peter Hagerty
  9. Life depends on how you make it, constantly has been and constantly can be- Grandma Moses
  10. The most effective genuine comprehension is in recognising rather anything. — Socrates.
  11. Life is the journey, and each step, whether or not good or bad, forms the person that you please are meant to end up with. – Unknown.

Beautiful Life Quotes

Just like your soul, we have brought you a list of beautiful life quotes which will help you to remain positive in tough times.

  1. It takes 20 years to construct a recognition and 5 mins to spoil it. If you think about that, you may do things in another way
  2. Life is in ten percent what occurs to us and ninety percent of how we respond to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll
  3. The easiest way to do astounding paintings is to like what you do. – Steve Jobs
  4. The useful life has always become a process instead of a state of being. It’s hardly an annual destination. – Carl Rogers
  5. In 3 expressions I can sum up every detail I’ve learned about life: it continues to go on. – Robert Frost
  6. Every day is an experience, so in case you find yourself in admire with the excitement, you’ll be in affection for all a period of time – Peter Hagerty
  7. Life depends on how you make it, constantly has been and constantly can be. – Grandma Moses
  8. The most effective genuine comprehension is in recognising rather anything. — Socrates.
  9. Life is the journey, and each step, whether or not good or bad, forms the person that you please are meant to end up with. – Unknown.

Good Quotes on Life

Everyday want a good life but it’s not easy. We all need some motivation to work ahead. Let’s look at some-

  1. “It’s okay to celebrate success, but it is more than important to take lessons from your failure”- Bill Gates 
  2. “Watching the clock won’t work for you, do what you need to do. hustle'” – Sam Levenson
  3. “When the opportunity is not used then you will fail to win. – Wayne gretzky
  4. “Success is always about how positive difference you make in world; not how high you have reached” – Roy T. Bennett 
  5. “Believe in yourself that you can and you will be almost there” – Theodore Roosevelt
  6. “It’s not that you have failed; you have just found different ways how it won’t work.” – Thomas Edison
  7. “Success is something hanging on to you after others let go.” – William Feather
  8. “Success is waiting for someone who is ready to sacrifice everything” ― Ken Poirot
  9. Your success and happiness lie within yourself. Resolve to keep happy and you shall have happiness as the best host against difficulties- Helen Keller 
  10. “Success is never going to stay, failure can never be fatal for a lifetime. It’s always the courage that counts.” —Winston Churchill
  11.  Whatever the thing you do makes the reputation. Henry Ford
  12. “Be yourself and don’t waste your time living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs
  13. “Our doubts for today are our limits for tomorrow.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  14. “The biggest risk you can take by not taking any risk, in a world that is changing very quick, the only strategy is to fail is by not trying anything” – Mark Zuckerberg
  15. ” The best thing you can do is the right thing at the right place and then the worst thing is to do nothing. – Theodore Roosevelt
  16. “In tough situations, remember you’re not alone. Others are there with you who have faced similar things like you.” – Catherine Pulsifer
  17. “You learn to walk by not following any rules. You learn by doing it and falling over and over again.” – Richard Branson

Positive Life Quotes

We need motivation sometimes in life to go forward and quotes do that very well. Positive life quotes will help you to uplift your soul. Let’s look at some positive life quotes below-

  1. Rediscovery is way better than inventing anything. -Auguste Rodin
  2. Unfold your own story instead of listening to others’ stories. -Rumi
  3. Always search for the best to say. -James Dickey
  4. Creativity is not finding anything but creating something out of the thing after a lot of searching. -James Rusell Lowell
  5. It’s not about questioning things. It’s something that goes down. -Julia Cameron
  6. When you allow for a mistake in life, it’s creativity. And the one you maintain is the Art.-Scott Adams 
  7. The place i go to doesn’t define me but what i pick to turn. -Carl Jung
  8. Everything that we go to leaves strain in the back. Everything adds to education. – Goethe
  9. The class that you need to analyse can be found in the painting. To know that you need to study the painting without any judgement or worry. You don’t need to wish for anything but just to ask for the paint. Then be quiet and listen just like the toddler. -David Bayle
  10. Everything around you makes you the trainer and pays your attention. -Cherokee announcing
  11. You may not be Picasso or Mozart and you don’t even need to be. Know your worth and create your life. Find things to inspire yourself and others too. Create and learn something greater. -Frederick Terral
  12. We are not here to get the victories and reports. Always unfold things until you find who you truly are. -Arianna Huffington
  13. Always the reward of the art is not victory, however, it’s the intoxication. -Cyril Connolly
  14. Life always goes on whether you are a coward or a hero. It doesn’t matter if we deny or accept everything that needs to be confronted-Henry Mille
  15.  The imperfection piece is embedded in your next seed of art.-David Bayles.
  16. Awareness listens to when knowledge speaks. -Jimi Hendrix
  17. When doing the art and getting to a point of what to do the next we are actually on a journey. -Wendell Berry
  18. It’s good when you fail in real life instead of succeeding in imagination. -Herman Melville
  19. With proper intention I stitch all the flaws. -Augusten Burroughs
  20. Some prevail because they’re destined. Some are successful because they are determined.” – Unknown
  21. When I let go of what I am, I end up what I might be. – Lao Tzu
  22. I won’t have gone where I intended to move, but I suppose I actually have ended up where I had to be. – Douglas Adams
  23. In no way did void pockets support everyone’s lower back. This is only possible with hearts that are empty and heads. – Norman Peale
  24. I would rather die of passion than of boredom. – Vincent van Gogh
  25. Whether you succeed or now not is irrelevant, there is no such factor. Making your unknown known is the crucial aspect. – Georgia O’Keeff
  26. Do not worry about errors as there are none. – Miles Davis
  27. Out of struggling have emerged the most powerful souls; the maximum huge characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibra
  28. You should keep on painting regardless of how difficult it’s miles, due to the fact this is all part of reveling in, and the greater revel in you have, the higher it’s far…until it kills you, and then you realize you’ve long gone too far. – Alice Nee
  29. Fail, fail once more, fail better – Samuel Beckett
  30. When we walk to the threshold of all the mildness we’ve got and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we should agree that one in everything will take place …. There could be something solid for us to stand on or we are able to learn to fly. – Patrick Overton
  31. Destiny is a feeling you have got which you know something about yourself nobody else does. The photograph you have for your own mind of what you’re approximately will come proper. – Bob Dylan
  32. The fowl of paradise alights most effectively at the hand that does not draw close. – John Berry
  33. If you fail the be calm because it is the only road by which we can achieve success —S. Lewis

Positive Happiness Quotes

  1. A piece of line about happiness can cheer up your day instantly. It will bring more joy which will uplift you and fill you with positivity. Here are some Positive happiness quotes below to make your day-
  2. True Happiness can always be felt if you learn to live in the present moment. -Unknown
  3. Though we try to search hard and pay to find the real happiness but in reality, it’s cheap. -Hosea Ballou
  4. You can be happy by loving someone and getting love from them. -George Sand
  5. If you focus on the sunshine, you won’t see the shadow. -Walt Whitman.
  6. You will always find happiness inside your heart. -Anurag Prakash Ray
  7. A worthy purpose can make you happier rather than self-gratification. -Helen Keller
  8. If you are grateful for the things you have now, then it’s the true happiness what you were searching for. -Unknown
  9. When you look at the reason for being happy instead of not being happy, you will discover true happiness. -Unknown
  10. Spirituality with love, grace and gratitude can lead you to happiness. -Denis Waitley  
  11. Once you enjoy yourself or with a few selected companions, it’s the true happiness. -Joseph Addison
  12.  Life is okay when you learn to cry a little, laugh more than that and be thankful. -Unknown
  13. You waste a day if you don’t laugh once in a day. -E. E Cummings
  14. When you laugh, the troubles run away from you. -Benjamin Franklin 
  15. Laugher needs no time, there is no age for the imagination and you can dream forever. -Walt Disney
  16. Laughter is instantly a holiday. -Milton Berle
  17. Soul does dance when you laugh. -Jarod Kintz
  18. When you Laugh it works like a medicine but you will be needing a medicine if you laugh without a reason. -Unknown
  19. When you grow older you don’t stop to laugh but when you stop to laugh, you surely will grow old. -Maurice Cheavalier
  20. Life is all about to enjoy and have fun. We need to enjoy it always. -Gordon B. Hinchley 
  21. When you laugh, you will always feel better. -Unknown
  22. Just like a loaded gun with bullets, she wears her smile-Atticus
  23. I want to spend my whole life laughing. -Unknown
  24. Happiness will always be coming from inside. -Unknown 
  25. We need to live not to impress others but to live happily. -Unknown 
  26. There is no flower if there is no rain. -Unknown
  27. If you are happy then you will never be out of style. -Lilly Pulitzer
  28. There is so much hate and that is love. -Unknown 
  29. Woman who cuts her hair will always be about changing her life. -Coco Chanel
  30. Whatever we go through will make us grow in life. -Tyrese Gibson
  31. Always try to find Good. -Unknown 
  32. Whenever someone smiles looking at you, you too give them one. -Dolly Parton
  33. Always smile when seeing a stranger and it will change life. Masashi Kishimoto
  34. Peace starts when you start smiling. -Mother Teresa 
  35. A curve of a smile makes everything straight in life. -Phyllis Diller
  36. When you smile simply then it’s the beginning of opening a heart and kindness toward others. -Dalai Lama
  37. Life becomes more beautiful all because of your smile. -Thich Nhat Hanh
  38. She was a chaos and trouble but still her just one smile made me fall in love. -Atticus
  39. I have seen the hardest of hearts melting with a simple smile. – Goldie Hawn 
  40. You will always be happy if you think good. – Unknown
  41. Be happy and you will enjoy everything around. – Unknown

Live Life Happy Quotes

Let’s have a look at live life happy quotes below that will encourage you to go beyond your will.

  1. You will have good health if you are happy. -Dalai Lama
  2. People who look at the glass as half filled and half empty always miss the point that it can be refilled again. -Unknown
  3. If you think what others are thinking of you then life is not yours. -Unknown
  4. You can always turn your wounds to wisdom. -Oprah
  5. If you find a cloud in someone then you can be a rainbow. -Maya Angelou
  6. The moment you live in is your life and you need to be happy for it. -Omar Khayyam
  7. We live a life twice, the second is when you realise you have a one life. -Tom Hiddleston
  8. If you forget who you are, it’s totally okay. You are welcome back to life. -Unknown
  9. The love you give to others is the one you deserve too. -Unknown
  10. If something comes your way, let it come. If she stays then let it stays and if it goes, let it go. -Nicholas Spark
  11. “Be grateful for the people who make our surroundings happy.” —Marcel Prous
  12. “The utmost important thing should be trying and inspiring people so they want to be great in what they pursue” –Kobe Bryant
  13. Take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, soon you can find humor in day-to-day life. It can sometimes be a lifesaver.” –Betty White
  14.  “Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll have positive results.” –
    Willie Nelson
  15. Having Positive anything is better than having negative nothing.” –
    Ann Ruth Schabacker
  16. “If you don’t like the road you’re going, create yourself another one.” —
    Dolly Parton
  17. “A dead end is just a good place to U-turn.” —Naomi Judd
  18. “Every day, there are 1,440 minutes. We have 1,440 daily opportunities to make an impact.” -Les Brown
  19.  “The greatest glory in living is not failing, but in rising when we fail.” —
    Nelson Mandela
  20. “Your attitude is pivotal for success.
    Imagine things to be difficult and it will be easier to solve problems, overcome hard times, and have an enthusiastic energy about how you go about and enjoy your work.” –
    Nick Saban
  21. “You’re having tough times, that’s life. See the positive in negative events.” —Joel Osteen
  22. “Failing nine times is a way to success as you rise up at ten.” -Jon Bon Jovi
  23. “A minute when you are not happy is wasted. -Brooke Shields
  24. “The key to life when things get tough, just keep moving.” —Tyler Perry
  25.  “It’s not always the stronger or faster man who wins the battle but the one who is confident and believes in himself to win. -Vince Lombardi
  26. “Success is meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” —Michelle Obama
  27. An inventor fails many times to succeed once. He treats his failures simply as practice opportunity” —Elmer G. Letterman
  28. “You miss 100 percent of the shots that you don’t take.” —Wayne Gretzky
  29. “A man should be smart enough to admit his mistakes, enough to profit from them, and enough to correct them.” —John C. Maxwell
  30. “Experiences and reactions are good for life than the failures” —Tom Krause
  31. “A life with mistakes is better because doing nothing is worthless.” —George Bernard Shaw
  32. Take risks, you learn that you succeed sometimes, sometimes  you fail, and both are equally important.” —Ellen DeGeneres

Famous Happiness Quotes

Happiness is always a factor we seek as a human. Here are some great famous quotes that help to find happiness. Let’s have a look-

  1. You don’t need many people to be happy because if you find few real people around to stay, it’s enough. – Wiz Khalifa
  2. To be happy, you don’t need to do everything perfect. It’s all about stringing together every little thing. -Ann Brashares 
  3. Within the legal system, do whatever makes you feel happy and good. -Ellen Degeneres
  4. If you want everything at any expense then surely you will lose happiness. -Better Davis 
  5. If you want to live a happy life you need to have to make a tie with a goal instead of people or things. -Albert Einstein
  6. Between too much and too little, there is happiness. -Finnish Proverb 
  7. The things we experience very rarely makes us most happy. -Epictetus
  8. Don’t count your age by the years you lived but by friends and count the life by the smiles, never count it with tears. – John Lennon
  9. No matter how bad your past is, you can always start fresh. -Buddha 
  10. Stay happy where you are. -Unknown
  11. Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” —Robert T. Kiyosaki
  12. People always fear failure and always want to succeed but for being a successful person one has to fail multiple times.” —K. Rowling
  13. “A creative man does not commit errors. His mistakes are purposeful; they can act as gateways to knowledge.” —James Joyce
  14. It takes a lot of courage to make a fool of yourself because this failure is important. —Charlie Chaplin
  15. Women must compete with men and even if they fail their attempt must be challenging to others. —Amelia Earhart
  16. As a simple human being we can make mistakes and make wrong decisions but we have to keep in mind that if you fail it’s the first step towards your bright future. —Arianna Huffington
  17. If you always fail then keep in mind that failure is not the end of everything. You will definitely find a way to get success. —Frederic William Farrar
  18. If one wants to become better in their life, they must accept their failure. —LeBron James
  19. If you really care about something then don’t be afraid to fail multiple times. —Emma Watson
  20. Failure is a part of life even if you fail don’t back off continue to move forward you will definitely reach success. —Benjamin Franklin
  21. If you succeed and look back to your journey you will know that you have failed several times but what matters is that you never stop. —George Bernard Shaw
  22. If you don’t do something that is remarkable then what is the reason to be alive –John Green
  23. Failure is another way to start again with more caution —Henry Ford
  24. A hint of judgement and fear of nothing nor failure nor suffering or even death shows you value life the most. You are ready to push limits in extreme and spend your time to build legacies. — Criss jami
  25. “Greatest concern of yours should not be that you failed, but whether you are content with your failure” —Abraham Lincoln
  26. “Success is built on failure, frustration and sometimes catastrophe not success.” —Sumner Redstone
  27. Failure happens to everyone, every time, every day in practice. What makes it better is how you act on it.” —Mia Hamm
  28. “When we want to excel, we need to give permissions to ourselves to fail” —Eloise Ristad


These quotes not handiest inspire a shift in attitude but also invite people to domesticate gratitude, resilience, and a deeper connection to the prevailing moment. In the tapestry of life, positive life quotes show the path of expertise, weaving via our mind and actions, shaping our expertise of ourselves and the world around us. Embracing the training embedded in those costs fosters a resilient spirit and a capacity to appreciate the splendour in both triumphs and tribulations. Ultimately, high quality lifestyles stand as undying partners on the adventure of self-discovery, guiding us closer to an existence packed with purpose, joy, and an actual appreciation for the incredible tapestry of life. If you are in doubt and feeling low, always follow your heart and read positive life quotes. These will change your life and will lead you to success.