100 Best Islamic Quotes To Show Faith in Allah & Quran

100 Top Best Allah quotes to Inspirational Islamic

Thousands of human beings from all over the world seek motivation and profound insight in Islamic teachings Allah quotes. These Islamic quotes, that originate from the Quran’s teachings and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), address a wide range of topics including mercy, solidarity, belief, affection, wisdom, time, humility, hope, and character.

We’re going to examine a handful of the most profound Islamic quotes and expressions in this article; they’ve got the power to lift our spirits, lead us toward goodness, and bring us closer to our Almighty. Islamic quotes and expressions are extremely effective at compressing profound moral and spiritual concepts in brief, unforgettable phrases.

Heart touching islamic quotes provide guidance, encouragement, and solace to individuals in their daily lives, reminding them of the importance of leading a virtuous and purposeful existence.

These expressions have the capacity to lift the spirits of individuals, encourage constructive change, and build connections among individuals and Allah (God).

List of Best Heart Touching Islamic Quotes to Worship Allah

When you wish for your brother what you wish for yourself then it is believed that you are a true believer. by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 

1. In Islam there is a teaching which doesn’t teach you to be better but it teaches you what is better for you. -Anonymous

In Islam Quotes there is a teaching

2. Whenever you forget that you need Allah (God) in your life then he put you in a situation where you have to call for him and he does that for your own good only. – Omar Suleiman

that you need Allah Quotes

3. When you come back to Allah (God) then he will inform you what you used to do in the past. – Quran Quotes 5:105

4. Dua (supplication) is very powerful so never underestimate its power. – Anonymous

5. If you ever fear or have grieve then Allah will give you guidance to come to him and whoever follows that guidance their fear and grieve will vanish. -Ayat 38

6. Everyone has to worship Allah as you have seen him even if you do not see him, he always has his eyes on you. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

7. The one who learn from Quran and teach them to other will always find best in oneself – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

8. Being kind to others is a mark of faith; those who are not kind they do not have faith in them. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

9. People who believe in Allah can spread love wherever they go. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

10. Loving yourself is good but to have that same love for others is the best. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

If you are doing good things to different people then that goodness will always come back to you. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

When you are born to the moment of your death, always seek knowledge. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Whenever you are feeling low take a moment of silence and chant the name of your lord. -Quran Quotes 96:1

The one who wants to gain more knowledge of Allah will definitely make their path to the bright future easy. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

The blood of a martyr is not that much more important than the ink of the scholar. -Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Top Patience and Perseverance Islamic Quote For Allah

Whenever there is a difficult situation, you have to stay calm and wait for the perfect time and this is the quality of patience is important to grow and have a better future. Perseverance is the effort one possesses to achieve something in difficult times. So here are some quotes on patience and perseverance to help you find the right path and help you have a happy future.

  1. There is relief after every difficult situation you have. – Quran Quotes94:6
  2. If you have faith in yourself then it is the first pillar towards patience. -Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  3. Even in difficult situations, be patient because Allah is the truth and will never remove his hand from your head. – Quran Quotes30:60
  4. People with the habit of hardship every path will be easy. – Quran Quotes94:5
  5. In difficult situations do not lose hope because Allah will never burden you with a soul which you can’t bear. – Quran Quotes 2:286
  6. Have a feeling of happy satisfaction because it is the greatest wealth. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  7. Be grateful to other people because it is the only way you can be grateful to Allah. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  8. Among the most of the individuals, the best ones are those who have the best character. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  9. People must not speak rudely or harshly – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  10. When a believer is not gentle or kind then he is not considered as a true believer, a true believer must be gentle and kind to others. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  11. People who have the best character are the best among all the people. – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  12. If you can control your anger then you are strongest among others. -Islamic Quotes By Prophet Muhammad
  13. All the remedy is among you but you do not sense it and the sickness is always from you but you do not recognise it. – Imam Ali
  14. One should remain silent if they cannot speak well. – Islamic Quotes By Prophet Muhammad
  15. For the unbeliever this world is a paradise but for the true believer this world is just a prison. – Prophet Muhammad
  16. Do not grieve for the past because you have to work better for your future and you have to be prepared for what is coming. – Ali ibn Abi Talib
  17. Be a believer but unless you do not change what is inside you then Allah can also not help you if you do not believe in yourself. – Quran Quotes 13:11
  18. Tolerance for what makes you feel bad and tolerance for what you desire are the two types of patience one should have. – Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him)
  19. Allah has created you to be free so do not be a slave to others. – Ali ibn Abi Talib
  20. If your soul is rich then that soul is pure. – Islamic Quotes By Prophet Muhammad
  21. Anger is the worst thing a person can have and if someone is able to control his anger then he can reach the highest happiness of his life. – Prophet Muhammad
  22. In the most difficult situation also learn to be calm because when someone is angry, they speak thing which they will regret afterwards – Prophet Muhammad
  23. Allah knows what to give you to help you to regain your faith in him. All the events which happen with you are on purpose and are important to you. – Islamic Quotes By Shaykh hamza Yusuf
  24. The sins I have committed are a burden for me but when I measure it with your grace then I feel your forgiveness is greater than my sins. -Islamic Quotes By Imam Shafi’i
  25. Allah will always guide you and if you seek help from Allah then do not just stand still and follow his directions. – Albaz poetry

20 Top Islamic Life Quotes As in Quran

 Islamic life phrases are very powerful. The vast majority of these Islamic sayings and proverbs were adapted from the Quran and other Hadiths are connected to the prophet Muhammad. Some popular spiritual teachers have also been recognized for their inspirational comments. so, look at the example below and make use of that in your daily life to show faith in Allah and Quran.

  1. Your physical appearance is not important to Allah, what you have inside you heart is the most important thing and Allah will judge you with that only. – Islamic Quotes By Mufti  
  2. If your life is not perfect then do not be sad or disappointed because it is not Jannah. – Nouman Ali Khan.
  3. The biggest fault you can make is to see what is wrong with others so focus on yourself. – Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  4. See what is the best in other people because the biggest mistake you can make is to see bad things in others because no matter what, you need other people in difficult times, so do not focus on others’ negativity, focus on their positivity. – Salahuddin Ayyubi. 
  5. Try to focus on other good behaviour and not their physical appearance because if you want to destroy any nation without war, then make adultery and nudity very common in the next generation– Salahuddin Ayyubi. 
  6. For any nation to get success then the only key is to have good morals because the moment when immoral behaviour gets in it then that is the starting of that nation to crumble. If you make your heart harden then your eyes will become dry. – Islamic Quotes By Ibn Qayyim.
  7. Felling is a gift from Allah that will warn you what is bad for you soul so if you are feeling guilty improve yourself. – Nauman Ali Khan
  8. Afterlife is better and will last forever so why do you prefer to be in this world when you know that afterwards there are more better things waiting for you. – Quran Quotes 87:16
  9. If your soul is feeling hardship then Allah is the only one that can save your soul from that hardship – Quran Quotes 53: 58 
  10. Being kind to others is the thing which will make you close to Allah and there is always a reward for your kindness. – Prophet Muhamad. 
  11. Never focus to find a right spouse for you but focus to be that right spouse. So, a marriage is not to find who is right for you but the real marriage is to be the right person for others. –Yasir Qadhi. 
  12. Poses a character which is good because there is not a single thing which is heavier than being good to others. – Prophet Muhammad.
  13.  Never lose your hope and don’t be sad because you all are sons of Allah. -Quran Quotes 3:139
  14. Doing good to others will make you closer to Allah. -Quran Quotes 29:69
  15.  Whenever you feel a lost call above, he will reach you. -Quran Quotes 40:60
  16. Everyone should forgive others as quickly as he wants Allah (God) to forgive you for your sins. -Quran Quotes
  17. If you forget your path then return to Allah (God) and he will guide what you used to do – Quran Quotes 5:105
  18. One should never forget to call upon Allah (God)- Omar Suleiman
  19. There is more power in dua so never underestimate its power – Qur’an 
  20. Life on this earth is just a delusion – Qur’an

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Best 40 Muslim Prayer Quotes to Show Faith in Allah & Quran

Among the most commonly said something in the everyday prayers of Muslims are these prayers and declarations from the Islamic faith that are considered positive in nature. Muslims may utilize these encouraging verses from Islam as an everyday reminder to live a better and more peaceful life. I hope these encouraging phrases about Islam quotes motivate you to lead a life of joy and fulfilment.

  1. “Life here on earth is very short so meanwhile one should turn themselves to Allah (God) before they get back to Allah (God).”- Unknown
  2. Whenever one fears Allah (God), Allah (God) for sure creates a way out for them in a way where he will guide them in a way one could never have thought about. Quran 65:2-3
  3. Prayers make your hectic life easy, praying daily will make harder things into simpler ones. – Islamic Quotes
  4. “A person’s character henceforth results into a wonderful showcase of their manners. Therefore, manners are the key ingredient in one’s personality which results in more strength and integrity turning into visible action.” Ibn Rajab
  5. Generosity is the mirror essence of taking pains to remove the pains and sorrowness of others.” – Abu Bakr (R.A)
  6. Whenever you turn away from my remembrance you will have a depressing life. -Quran 20:124
  7. If you thank me daily then I will give you more than you deserve. –  Quran 14:7
  8. Allah will never make your life difficult but he will purify you and complete you so be grateful to him. – Quran 5:6
  9. Even if you plan then also believe in Allah (God) because what Allah had planned for you is the best. -Quran 8:30
  10. Among most people, the one who has the best manners and the best character is the best. -Sahih Bukhari 6029
  11. Allah (God) will always test you on what you love and then lead you to a better future. -Anonymous 
  12. Allah is the one who has created the day and the night and also the sun and the moon. -Quran 21:33
  13. Whatever is done with hardship is the only thing which can be done with ease. -Quran 94:5
  14. Be patient and Allah will always be with you and will guide you. -Quran Quotes 2:153
  15. Have faith in Allah and he will provide you all the things you need. – Quran 65:3
  16. Let go of the bad things that happen to you and you will rise higher. -Anonymous
  17. Greed will make you a prisoner so the one who is rich is the only one who does not feel greed. -Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A)
  18. The things you have done to yourself is the only thing you will receive back. -Quran 6:164
  19. Every guy wants what he believes he can get, not what he desires. People quickly disregard the individual’s actual desires, and ultimately, after a successful political occupation, he forgets. In all, it’s an enthusiastic riot of second best pandemonium. -G.K. Chesterton
  20.  On this earth we are the most humiliated people but with the help of Allah we will regain strength and honour. – [Umar Ibn Al Khattab].
  21.  believe in Allah outside of your prayers because if you only pray and not believe, Allah will never focus on you. – [Yasmin Mogahed]
  22. Even the few who have faith in God are enough than to have those who do not consistently believe in God. – [Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Sahih Bukhari].
  23. Whenever you have to make the right decision then focus on Allah. He will lead you to the right path. – [Surah Al Imran Verse 159].
  24.  It’s not clever to change the world but focusing on changing yourself is the wise decision. – Rumi
  25. Believe in Allah because he will make your path easier in the right time and for the best reason so always have faith in your Allah. -Quran 
  26. Do not cry on your pillow for your problems. Cry in your prayers so that Allah can guide you and make your problems easy and lead you to the right way. -Imam Ali
  27. Have the power to face the truth because with the truth you can vanish your pain so never get afraid to be honest to others. -Imam Ali
  28. Even with your prayers and worshipping your problems did not get resolved then leave that decision to Allah and he will always decide what is better for his followers. -Hazrat Ali
  29. It is very difficult to create love in the person who has hated others because it is a waste of time because you can make mountains into dust more easily than that. -Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  30. “Those who believe and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah whenever they turn away from their remembrance then he will have a very bad day, depressed life and Allah will gather him on the day of judgement and in next life Allah will raise them up blind. – Qur’an 20:124
  31. Allah fulfills the needs of those people who fulfills the needs of his brother’s, because every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim so he must help him out instead of treating him with cruelty or he should not leave him in misery. If one helps his other Muslim brother Allah will help in relieving his trouble and will take away his misery on the day of restoration of his life. -Sahih Bukhari
  32. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not come yet so be in the present -Imam Ali
  33. It always prefers to say good word – Sahih Bukhari
  34. When one asks Allah’s messenger the given following statement SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam (which means the peace by Allah and blessings given by Allah should remain on one) of which deeds are good.” Then Allah replies I.e. he (holy prophet) says about that prayer at the given time when one prays.” [Sahih Muslim]
  35. On this earth if one has to give more recognition to Allah one has to remember Allah more, more than the prayers in real life in everything that one practises in daily life.” Islamic Quotes By Yasmin Mogahed 
  36. The one who is self-obsessed is always hated by others. -Quran 
  37. Islam the holistic way where Prophet named SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam meaning peace of Allah and blessing of Allah be on them which is used to give shelter from danger in Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala (states strong matches and elevated he) from shiftlessness the he uses to determine regularly in dua: “O Allah,I take shelter in Allah from sorrow ness and apprehensiveness, weakness and laziness, penny pinching and cowardice,  the debts burden and getting controlled by men.” [Sahih Bukhari]
  38. Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam stating blessings and peace of Allah on one says, by Allah in which hand one life is, betterment is towards taking the rope and cutting the wood from the forest and take it over to sell it like earnings of living more than to ask a person for anything and in return that person would give him or no.”- Islamic Quotes By Sahih Bukhari.
  39. The one who eats his food in spite of his neighbours being hungry or in need of any help then he is not a true follower of Allah. – Islamic Quotes By Al Albani
  40. Hey Allah please never make me attached to something which is not written for me – Salma 


Islamic quotes will provide you insightful comments, they often contain expertise and direct individuals in the right direction in your peace of mind. By the help of these quotes one can make their life into an inspirational one. This will provide you with a happy and spiritual life ahead. In the end Islamic quotes are like the lighthouse which gives you the light to the right direction and help you to have faith in Allah.

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